• 26Jul

    There was a little project my friend James and I were working on about 12 years ago, working out a system to create the big screen 3D effect without the need for 3D aided eye-wear… well it seems some other peeps have been working on it recently and have put one together…

    It’s a pity cinemas don’t get that it’s all a bit ‘too little too late’ for them. They are in denial that cinema is all but dead, and if they have more than one brain cell they would have geared up the cinema experience year ago, offering way more than a single movie for an outrageous price.

    If they reduced their absolutely ludicrous prices to a point that encourages people to venture out, and give a value added experience with two features and a bunch of shorts or cartoons (like it used to be), snacks and food at supermarket prices with discounts and bonus offers for regular loyal customers etc., with other activities to amuse customer while waiting for the movie to go in, such as a running show about what’s happening in the movie world, who’s doing what, what’s doing who and what’s coming and going, as well as things like maybe revamped futuristic versions of the old fashioned computer games tables, then they could bounce back.
    But they won’t because they are driven by greed, not rational sense, and never get low price volume wins over high prices. Instead, their outrageous high prices and low value for money discourages customer loyalty and drives people to the comfort of their own homes to watch streaming TV and cheap movie downloads, where a whole family can watch a movie and nibble on snacks for a third the cost of one single movie ticket.
    So, good on the developers of the big screen glasses-free theatre experience, but it may just all be sadly too late… New Movie glasses-free 3D Cinema Movie Screen:


  • 09Jun

    I cam across this article in my search for something a little more intelligent…

    Unedited NASA footage of “moon landing” – You still don’t believe in a flat earth?

    I am so disturbed by people like this, I decided to post a comment under it….

    “You people need to stop this absolute malicious nonsense now, before your ignorant foolishness sends the world backwards hundreds of years to the dark ages where people could not make any progress or evolutionary advancements because they were trapped in the belief all things were controlled by angels, daemons and gods… a level of thinking that believed the way to cure someone of a simple virus induced fever was to exercise the daemons out of them, often in the process killing the afflicted person through their draconian practice, and then arrogantly claiming the daemon had been dispelled.

    Through hundreds and thousands of years, good, honest diligent people have struggled, endued ridicule, torment, torture and death to uncover the truth and realities of the world and universe in which we reside, to prove to an ignorant few who possess the staff of control that the Earth is NOT flat, and if you sail to it’s edge you will fall off into the terrifying world of daemons and fire… yes, that’s right, that is what was the belief.
    So would you have us all go back to that unintelligent, illogical and irrational thinking and have us all fearful of going to the edge of the world, so we never challenge the frontiers of space to find out what is really out there… because that is what your dangerous and idiotic unfounded proclamations may do if you continue this. This type of inane thinking of yours will set the human race back to a time when people were burned at the stack as witches for simply having a better knowledge of healing than most.

    You know nothing about the cosmos or the Earth or the real and genuine efforts of organizations who spend billions of dollars and labored hours working with some of the most intelligent and dedicated people in the world to help advance humanity through space exploration and exploration of our own Earth as well as what is beyond the fields of our current reach.

    All these conspiracy theorists and malicious debunkers of things like the the spherical Earth and the moon landing, which was a genuine expedition that took years of dedicated people to accomplish, need to be taken out and shaken into reality, so they, you, can find ways to creatively contribute toward the human condition and advancement of humanity, instead of trying to destroy everything that so many throughout history have worked so hard and perilously to achieve.

    If the Earth is flat, why then is every other planet and star we can see in our cosmos round! It is because that is the natural form in our cosmos and all matter we observe from the micro to the magnificent, tries to achieve that from ultimately.

    You might argue that Galaxies are often discs, but you are forgetting that the center of most galaxies is an orb and the mass of the galaxy, made of trillions of particles are all slowly spiraling in to coalesce with the central orb. In our perspective this takes a very long time, but in the eternity of the Universe, it is mere moments. Of course you would have to acknowledge and understand the concept of an eternal Universe to appreciate that, and I’m guessing thinking like yours does not allow it.

    Some even argue the concept of the Universe being eternal, and indeed maybe there is an alternate to the dimension of eternity, and that would be total non-existence. But my question there is, if the alternate non-existence is reality, then why do I exist?

    I imagine you have never been out to sea, I mean way out to sea where there is no land around for thousands of miles… you can actually see the curvature of the Earth. The round Earth is one of the very things that hinders seafaring navigators in plotting a straight course and forces them to use mathematical calculations to maintain the course they desire.

    Also I imagine all the people that have actually circumnavigated the Earth by sea, could tell you that the Earth is a sphere… I guess you’d just say they are disillusion or that they somehow doubled back on themselves and only think they arrived back in the same place they left from by circumnavigating the planet.

    You also need to go and learn a little about photography, art and filmmaking… the people of NASA and other space agencies around the world understand that people are inspired by artistry, and so just presenting a technical piece is not enough to inspire people.

    A shot of the Earth from a distance between the Earth and Moon for the first time, is an exceptionally important image for all the world. So setting it up to be just right is no different to any photographer setting up a shot of significance with a creative eye and artistry… and in case you didn’t know this, organizations like NASA do not just have technicians working on their programs and expeditions. They have designers, artist, photographers, psychologists, filmmakers and all manner of people to help not only develop programs and systems for space travel, deep space journey and ultimately off-Earth habitation, with all the physical, psychological and emotional situations, demands and stresses that will arise from such endeavors, but to also to consult and coach the courageous Astronauts on real living missions, who are mostly technically orientated and trained, to ensure that when significant things are uncovered or discovered, that they are ultimately presented in ways they hope will inspire and encourage people, and often that means setting up the shot with more than just a technical eye, but a creative artists eye.

    So the job of an Astronaut or Cosmonaut in doing this, can be quite demanding, having to listen to multiple instructions at one time, some for technical advice and instruction, some for creative or emotional advice and instruction… Astronauts and Cosmonauts are indeed heroes, but they are also human.

    You see, even though clearly you are not, People at NASA are intelligent enough to realize that factor about the human psyche, and honour that by doing the best they can to deliver our future through the eyes of the creative mind.

    I’m not saying NASA or any other organization like them is perfect. They are not, and they are the first to admit that, but within them are hundreds of genuine dedicated human beings trying to make a real difference to the human condition and the creative and constructive advancement of humanity, trying to genuinely help us reach for the stars and expand our knowledge of the cosmic universe.
    So why do people like you try to hinder them at every turn… are you determined to keep humanity from evolving? Do you want to ensure humanity remains ignorant and incapable… because unless I am wrong, you too are part of the humanity organizations like NASA are trying to help evolve.

    So please for the sake of our future, stop all these unfounded accusations and lies that dishonor the many people throughout history who have given their life and lives to the pursuit of human advancement and understanding… it is beyond ignorant, it is misleading, malicious, dangerous, cruel, impertinent and shameful.”

    So in fairness to the posting of the conspiracy theorists site, here are some sites that debunk the Flat Earth conspiracy and give sound evidence to the Earth as a Globe…

    Flat Earth Theory And Why It’s Not Real

    How We Know the Earth is Round / Flat Earthers DEBUNKED:

    Flat Earth Conspiracy 100% Debunked (Without Citing NASA) – CASE CLOSED

    Debunking “flat earth”

  • 31Mar

    A friend of mine just told me that he ‘Googled’ info on a friend’s band, that said he was playing gigs around the country, but when he spoke with his friend, he discovered that the band actually split up 3 years ago.
    I said to him that I keep telling people, the internet is 98% misinformation… it doesn’t mean it’s 98% lies or bull, it means it’s 98% not accurate information or misleading information ‘misinformation’… but as a relatively educated estimate, I would say that probably at least 50%, if not more, is total rubbish, in other words fiction or gross distortions of truth or fact.

    You have to know how to search the internet for the 2% of genuine fact and also research the probable 50% or less of relatively confident (good) information to find out the most up-to-date factual accounts and information on any subject to ensure you are getting as close to the genuine truth of the subject or matter as possible. Go to reputable journals and institutional sites, like Universities, respected Science and Medical Journals, reputable news and information sites. It doesn’t mean just government or institute sites… there are many sites run by dedicated amateurs and professionals who are very knowledgeable and do all their proper due diligence on subjects before and when reporting them or posting them.

    The Internet is one of the best and worst utilities of the modern age… but just keep in mind, anyone can put anything on the internet. It’s not like back in the days of libraries being the source of information, when the ‘fictional stuff’ was clearly marked as fictional and most of the factual stuff was relatively reliable… but even then, as I’m sure you know, there was still probably about 5% at least of purported fact that was rubbish! I mean really for example, I remember some schmo trying to tell us all that the world was round and the Earth revolved around the sun… I mean how absurd! Everyone must know the Earth is flat and the sun revolves around the Earth… it has to be true, it’s on the internet! But the truth is the Earth is a daisy seed caught between Horton the Elephant’s toes and we all just live in a virtual Universe operated by a puppet master… it’s all true I swear! Come on you gotta believe me, I put it on the internet!

  • 01Feb

    I was watching a TV program the other night calledGenius… it’s meant as a fun, slightly silly entertainment show… well very silly actually, and it is funny and entertaining.
    Essentially, their is a host and a couple of guest panel that judge whether members of the audience are a ‘genius’ or not, depending on the brilliance and creative imagination of their bizarre inventions or ideas. The audience come up with some of the craziest ideas, the host and guest panel, and even the audience, join in on silly responses, assessments and antics, and it all usually ends up in a good laugh. The audience are often asked their advice on certain aspects of an idea, and the host might ask if there is anyone in the audience with professional or expert knowledge in a specific area, to give an expert opinion. Often it is science, or engineering based opinions that are required.

    This one particular Genius episode I was watching, an audience ‘idea inventor’ posed the idea of doing away with the moon by using a nuclear strike, which would destroy gravity on Earth, giving us these benefits… transport over-crowding problems would be solved because everyone would be able to fly, and fishing would be easier!?

    ‘What ! ?”

    Well, the host wasn’t sure about the concept that removing the moon would also eliminate gravity, so he asked if anyone in the audience had a science background and could shed some light on this. Young Andrew volunteered himself as a 2nd year University physicist, to answer the puzzle. Andrew said ‘in his limited knowledge of astronomy, planets and stars’, “I think the moon is quite important to life, but we might get a bit lighter, but only for half the month. When the moon is on the other side we’d be a bit heavier maybe!”

    ‘What !?’… Andrew, you’re a 2nd year University Physics student, and you don’t even understand that the moon does not control the Earth’s gravity, the Earth is just influenced by the moon’s mass, but the moon in fact is caught in Earth’s gravitational field and held in it’s orbit around us by that force. It’s year 7 physics if that!

    As for all the others who believe we will all die if the moon was removed… well that is just plain ‘dumber’. Of course damage and loss of life scenarios would depend on the method the moon is removed, and the variables are many… but essentially we would survive and learn to live in a world that isn’t ‘influenced’ by the moon’s mass.

    If a 2nd year University physic student is that dumb… how much dumber are the kids still just trawling through primary and high school!?

    Let’s hope they grow smarter, because if they don’t… we will all probably die!…’What!?’

  • 05Nov

    Who was the person or group of people that thought up ‘Homework’ for school students… it occurred to me that perhaps they were a either a person with good intentions, thinking that by applying school work to be done at home, they were helping improve the students mind, while keeping them from taking part in after school hours activities that might be considered foolhardy and delinquent, or it was simply a lazy teacher who thought they could palm off work they should have been teaching during school hours, to their students to do after school, to make their own job easier. Perhaps it was a combination of all of this and more, but however you look at it… assigning mandatory school homework is naive, irrational, ignorant, oppressive and counter productive.

    Don’t misunderstand me here, there is nothing wrong with a student choosing voluntarily to do extra study before or after school in their own time, if they feel they need or want to, in order to keep up or excel… in fact I would encourage that. But enforcing school homework on students who don’t want it, in general, has the adverse effect, and more often that seen, and extreme adverse effect on the student, and those closest to the student.

    Young students should not be distressed with more schoolwork after school has adjourned, this time should be used for them to relax, and recharge their mind and body batteries, ready for the next day, or week, at school… in the same context as your time at home away from your place of work, is your free time to relax… if your boss kept sending you home with work to do all night, how long would you put up with that before you quit the job!

    By enforcing mandatory schoolwork in the time students should be re-charging, as any half witted logically minded person can see, only serves to make a student more stressed, tired, irritable, depressed and angry.

    I have not yet met a single school student who has told me that they love homework, and that it has a remarkable effect on their achievement levels… Homework is illogical, irrational, ignorant, oppressive, depressive, and a pointless waste of a students free time, that actually inhibits their ability to be more creatively productive in school.

    If our education systems had an ounce of sense, they would over-hall the entire draconian system, that still seems to permeate our early learning and junior education platforms today, and introduce a system that monitors students from early learning onwards, in order to determine what their natural and intrinsic fascinations and talents are, and natural skills adeptness they may demonstrate to expanded on, so they can be guided into a vocational area they were born to do.

    It is an absolute pointless exercise trying to cram trigonometry into a student who is clearly dominated by their ‘right brain’ hemisphere and has natural talents and fascinations for the creative arts, as much as it is naive and damaging to enforce arts skills on a student who shows a natural fascination and talent for mathematical academics because they are dominated by their left brain hemisphere. If a student does not have a brain for trigonometry, then forcing it upon them is only going to generate a whole catalogue of emotional and psychological disorders, from feeling inadequate and stupid, to feelings of segregation and severe depression. The reality of it is, this ‘right brain’ dominated student will most likely never have need of trigonometry in their entire adult life, so the pain and anxiety they suffered as a result of forced study, was, and is, totally needless.

    The world is filled with people in the wrong job, who hate their life because they hate their job, and as a result don’t do it well… and so, for example, a person who is an incompetent house builder will end up with disgruntled customers, as will a doctor who delivers poor medical treatment or advice… all because our schooling system was not efficient or effective enough to discover in their early learning, that the inadequate Doctor would actually make a great house builder, and the incompetent house builder would make a brilliant doctor… and so the circle goes around and around, and produces a world filled with unhappy, incompetent, frustrated and depressed people.

    In fact I think you would be astounded to learn the staggering number of people, and registered patients, suffering anxiety and depression, that can be traced back to their dissatisfaction and hatred of their job that they feel chained to because they have to pay the bills to survive. And it all goes back to their lack of options due to ineffective outmoded schooling. But it doesn’t stop there, believe it or not, this world wide epidemic of people in the wrong job, flows into other social disorders like domestic violence, suicide, drug use and other escapisms that have detrimental ramifications on the individuals and society at large.

    How simple would it be to correct this overwhelming dilemma and disastrous social deformity, just by adjusting our schooling system from a basic mass ‘one lesson fits all’ mentality, to a far more effective and productive system of individual monitoring and guidance into the students areas of natural fascinations, talents and skills, ensuring optimum results of people entering vocations they enjoy and are good at.

    There are in fact some schools and junior colleges already wise to this, and have adopted this new type of educational thinking, like the SEDA Group in Australia, and the more schools that move toward this style of thinking, the better our world will become… and that includes discarding the ridiculous notion and practice of mandatory home work… honestly what twat thought that up!

    For some more information of Vocational Guidance and how brain hemisphere dominance defines us, go to: Vocational Guidance for a changing World