• 01Feb

    I was watching a TV program the other night calledGenius… it’s meant as a fun, slightly silly entertainment show… well very silly actually, and it is funny and entertaining.
    Essentially, their is a host and a couple of guest panel that judge whether members of the audience are a ‘genius’ or not, depending on the brilliance and creative imagination of their bizarre inventions or ideas. The audience come up with some of the craziest ideas, the host and guest panel, and even the audience, join in on silly responses, assessments and antics, and it all usually ends up in a good laugh. The audience are often asked their advice on certain aspects of an idea, and the host might ask if there is anyone in the audience with professional or expert knowledge in a specific area, to give and expert opinion. Often it is science, or engineering based opinions that are required.

    This one particular Genius episode I was watching, an audience ‘idea inventor’ posed the idea of doing away with the moon by using a nuclear strike, which would destroy gravity on Earth, giving us these benefits… transport over-crowding problems would be solved because everyone would be able to fly, and fishing would be easier!?

    ‘What ! ?”

    Well, the host wasn’t sure about the concept that removing the moon would also eliminate gravity, so he asked if anyone in the audience had a science background and could shed some light on this. Young Andrew volunteered himself as a 2nd year University physicist, to answer the puzzle. Andrew said ‘in his limited knowledge of astronomy, planets and stars’, “I think the moon is quite important to life, but we might get a bit lighter, but only for half the month. When the moon is on the other side we’d be a bit heavier maybe!”

    ‘What !?’… Andrew, you’re a 2nd year University Physics student, and you don’t even understand that the moon does not control the Earth’s gravity, the Earth is just influenced by the moon’s mass, but the moon in fact is caught in Earth’s gravitational field and held in it’s orbit around us by that force. It’s year 7 physics if that!

    As for all the others who believe we will all die if the moon was removed… well that is just plain ‘dumber’. Of course damage and loss of life scenarios would depend on the method the moon is removed, and the variables are many… but essentially we would survive and learn to live in a world that isn’t ‘influenced’ by the moon’s mass.

    If a 2nd year University physic student is that dumb… how much dumber are the kids still just trawling through primary and high school!?

    Let’s hope they grow smarter, because if they don’t… we will all probably die!…’What!?’

  • 05Nov

    Who was the person or group of people that thought up ‘Homework’ for school students… it occurred to me that perhaps they were a either a person with good intentions, thinking that by applying school work to be done at home, they were helping improve the students mind, while keeping them from taking part in after school hours activities that might be considered foolhardy and delinquent, or it was simply a lazy teacher who thought they could palm off work they should have been teaching during school hours, to their students to do after school, to make their own job easier. Perhaps it was a combination of all of this and more, but however you look at it… assigning mandatory school homework is naive, irrational, ignorant, oppressive and counter productive.

    Don’t misunderstand me here, there is nothing wrong with a student choosing voluntarily to do extra study before or after school in their own time, if they feel they need or want to, in order to keep up or excel… in fact I would encourage that. But enforcing school homework on students who don’t want it, in general, has the adverse effect, and more often that seen, and extreme adverse effect on the student, and those closest to the student.

    Young students should not be distressed with more schoolwork after school has adjourned, this time should be used for them to relax, and recharge their mind and body batteries, ready for the next day, or week, at school… in the same context as your time at home away from your place of work, is your free time to relax… if your boss kept sending you home with work to do all night, how long would you put up with that before you quit the job!

    By enforcing mandatory schoolwork in the time students should be re-charging, as any half witted logically minded person can see, only serves to make a student more stressed, tired, irritable, depressed and angry.

    I have not yet met a single school student who has told me that they love homework, and that it has a remarkable effect on their achievement levels… Homework is illogical, irrational, ignorant, oppressive, depressive, and a pointless waste of a students free time, that actually inhibits their ability to be more creatively productive in school.

    If our education systems had an ounce of sense, they would over-hall the entire draconian system, that still seems to permeate our early learning and junior education platforms today, and introduce a system that monitors students from early learning onwards, in order to determine what their natural and intrinsic fascinations and talents are, and natural skills adeptness they may demonstrate to expanded on, so they can be guided into a vocational area they were born to do.

    It is an absolute pointless exercise trying to cram trigonometry into a student who is clearly dominated by their ‘right brain’ hemisphere and has natural talents and fascinations for the creative arts, as much as it is naive and damaging to enforce arts skills on a student who shows a natural fascination and talent for mathematical academics because they are dominated by their left brain hemisphere. If a student does not have a brain for trigonometry, then forcing it upon them is only going to generate a whole catalogue of emotional and psychological disorders, from feeling inadequate and stupid, to feelings of segregation and severe depression. The reality of it is, this ‘right brain’ dominated student will most likely never have need of trigonometry in their entire adult life, so the pain and anxiety they suffered as a result of forced study, was, and is, totally needless.

    The world is filled with people in the wrong job, who hate their life because they hate their job, and as a result don’t do it well… and so, for example, a person who is an incompetent house builder will end up with disgruntled customers, as will a doctor who delivers poor medical treatment or advice… all because our schooling system was not efficient or effective enough to discover in their early learning, that the inadequate Doctor would actually make a great house builder, and the incompetent house builder would make a brilliant doctor… and so the circle goes around and around, and produces a world filled with unhappy, incompetent, frustrated and depressed people.

    In fact I think you would be astounded to learn the staggering number of people, and registered patients, suffering anxiety and depression, that can be traced back to their dissatisfaction and hatred of their job that they feel chained to because they have to pay the bills to survive. And it all goes back to their lack of options due to ineffective outmoded schooling. But it doesn’t stop there, believe it or not, this world wide epidemic of people in the wrong job, flows into other social disorders like domestic violence, suicide, drug use and other escapisms that have detrimental ramifications on the individuals and society at large.

    How simple would it be to correct this overwhelming dilemma and disastrous social deformity, just by adjusting our schooling system from a basic mass ‘one lesson fits all’ mentality, to a far more effective and productive system of individual monitoring and guidance into the students areas of natural fascinations, talents and skills, ensuring optimum results of people entering vocations they enjoy and are good at.

    There are in fact some schools and junior colleges already wise to this, and have adopted this new type of educational thinking, like the SEDA Group in Australia, and the more schools that move toward this style of thinking, the better our world will become… and that includes discarding the ridiculous notion and practice of mandatory home work… honestly what twat thought that up!

    For some more information of Vocational Guidance and how brain hemisphere dominance defines us, go to: Vocational Guidance for a changing World

  • 04Sep

    Although there are many political parties in Australia to choose from when we vote for our leaders, for some bizarre reason, the media, the government and the ‘opposition’, have convinced us that there is only really 2 parties to vote for.

    So have you ever wondered why they call themselves parties… it seems quite clear to me… because when they get elected and get in ‘power’ they think it’s just one big ‘PARTY’!

    On Saturday the 7th of September (2013), consider this carefully… these two primary political ‘parties’ have no genuine intention, desire or motivation to actually manage our social and economic growth and welfare with any real degree of efficiency or for optimum benefit to us, the citizens of the country, whom ‘they’ have clearly forgotten are the shareholders of the nation that actually employ them to manage our welfare properly.

    Do you think for one minute, if you owned a business or organisation, and employed a Managing Director, to manage the social and economic growth and welfare of the organisation, but all they did was waste money, over-spend on themselves, make continual bad judgements and decisions, and run your organisation into more debt than it can bare, that you would give them a pat on the back and re-instate them while just saying, “try to do better in the future”? NO… you would sack them and say “Don’t bother asking for a reference, unless you want one that says never employ this person because they will ruin your business!”

    Well why then don’t you elect to do the same to the bunch of useless morons posing as our ‘two government parties’…sack them!
    They have proven over many years, they have absolutely no idea how to manage and run a tuck-shop efficiently, let alone an entire country… YOU, me, we, the citizens of Australia have not only the power, but the right and obligation to sack them, and employ a group that can do the job properly.

    All these ‘two’ parties of clowns care about is their own pockets, comfort, status and power… they don’t care about you, they only care about your money, because the more money you give them, the bigger party they ‘WILL’ have!

    Are you aware that Australia is one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world, right!.. that’s ‘your’ money we are talking about. The government don’t actually have any of their own money, they have, and use ‘Your Money’… it’s all ‘your’ money, and all they are supposed to do is manage it for you, and ensure your money is spent wisely, and has a growth and surplus for the benefit of all of us! That’s it… simple. Their job is not to tell you what to do, and treat you like some convict in a penal colony, which they clearly think Australia still is and that they’re the big bad wardens who tell you what you can and can’t do. No, their job is to manage your money to provide a positive, social and economic environment, that works effectively toward a progressively creative and constructive future for all of us! You don’t work for the government, they work for you… and in doing so, you provide them with a comfortable living. So why do they continually steal from the till!

    If they can’t do their job properly, then why the hell do we keep letting them back in the job… maybe the only ones to blame are ourselves, after all, as I said, we are the ones with the real power!

    Voting is a personal choice and freedom, and I’m not going to start on the ludicrous concept that a country supposedly founded on a ‘free democratic and socialist system, enforces compulsory voting, in complete contrast and opposition to the very system we are voting for, but as I say, voting is a personal choice we make freely without adverse coercion. However, I suggest we step away from the two party system and start voting for some of the other political groups that are proposing far more rational, sensible and wise policies than either of the two primary parties.

    My recommendation would be to look at both the Clive Palmer United Party, and the Jamie McIntyre 21st Century Australia Party, who both have very sound plans and policies to pull this country out of the deep depressing hole the other two bickering spoilt brat parties have dug us into over the past 3 decades.

    Do you honestly think voting for either one of these two clowns is going to make the nation a better country and improve your life… if you do, then I can honestly say, “You’re dreaming!”

    Don’t let these clowns have another party at your expense, paid for by you… find some one who actually cares about doing the job properly, and give the job to them!

  • 09Aug

    The Mysterious 888

    A calculation made from ‘it’, reveals a most noteworthy date
    I wrote this down some years ago, in hope we see what lies in fate

    This number has been haunting me, for many years past
    At first it seemed so far away, but now approaches fast

    I know not what the world will be when 888 has come and gone
    perhaps things will be unchanged, and our lives will just go on

    Perhaps a silent shift will come that changes all our lives
    Or global catastrophes where not all the world survives

    But 888 will come no doubt and change one life at least
    But likely more, for it is sure, it’s the champion or the beast

    While making wars among ourselves, without valid consequence
    The cosmic eye watches us, and plans its silent recompense

    In the timeless cosmic realm, I see events that come and go
    but now and then one unannounced, effects the world we know

    Governments and Generals think they know it all
    but they know next to nothing, because their windows are so small

    Scientists and scholars may know a fraction more
    but can’t always see what’s coming, their vision is too poor

    I cannot say what the world will be, when 888 has past
    I simply sense that something, is coming very fast

    Perhaps I know what lay ahead, the truth of what will be
    But maybe it’s just in my head, we’ll have to wait and see.

  • 31Jan

    Now, as much as I am ‘very’ guilty of doing this myself and I will aim to stop doing it, I am really over all the ‘Jibber jabber’ of legal schmultz in agreements and legal and business orientated documents an writing communications… I think it’s time the legal world got back to basic communication and write these types of communications in simplistic language that even the lesser educated individual can understand… I so often hear people complaining about it… it’s a genuine epidemic! 

    Let’s start a new trend and demand basic simple non-jargon written agreement language from our legal and business professionals… honestly, by the time the average person has laboured through something like this… 

    ‘The party of the first part herby known as the party of the party goer, shall confer and deliberate under all due conscience with the party of and for the party of second part whom shall henceforth be referred to as the ‘party pooper’, and the party who does not make it to the party shall henceforth be referred to as the ‘non-party goer’ on the proviso that the ‘party pooper’ does not influence the ‘non-party goer’s’ lack of party place knowledge and so therefore the ‘non-party goer’, in which the ‘party pooper’ has had influence, shall be delivered and dispatched at no inconvenience or circumvention the locality and proximity of the ‘event extremae magna pars’ henceforth known as the ‘party place’, and so said ‘non-party goer’ will pass on to be known herein as the ‘party guy’ or in the inference of gender be known as the ‘party girl’, then and only upon such a point that the agreement is conferred by all parties, all said parties shall be deemed as a total bunch of oxen manure or as would be colloquially inferred Bullshit!’… 

    then I would imagine if the poor reader hasn’t already put a gun to their head by this stage, their brain will have had an involuntary melt down!

    Did you know that the largest bridging construction in the world… the ‘Oresund Bridge’, connecting Sweden and Denmark, a seriously massive feat, connecting to countries that are so systematically opposed it would seem a near impossible task, was accomplished on time, despite some dramatic unexpected situations, and on budget, without a single lawyer involved… not one. I’ve attached a link to a documentary on the massive undertaking of building this bridge consisting of several diverse linked stages across the ocean. It gives you an idea of the mega magnitude of this project, and to think that it was all accomplished without a single lawyer involved is quite astounding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7UEDIxyrd4

    Look it up on Google Earth… just key in ‘the Oresund Bridge, it’s quite impressive!

     A short related story on this… I used to write agreements and business deals in simple terms, and never had a problem, then like and idiot, in my business degree studies I elected to take on a module of business law, so after that, a started writing in proper legal terminology, and took my simple correspondence and communication to a whole new utterly complicated level. Oh why you ask… because in law, you ‘must’ spell out everything in every way from every perspective and dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ and if you can’t find any, pop some in so you can dot and cross them, so there is absolutely no room for error or misinterpretation! 

    But I reflect on this with another simple analogy from a chapter in my life that has the same identical overtones. I used to like ‘free diving’… that’s deep water diving with no artificial breathing equipment, just you and your lung capacity and ability to slow your own metabolism down so you can retain the oxygen levels in your body longer… and as part of my training for this I would do long distance swimming, in the event you are down on the bottom of the ocean while holding your breath, and come up to discover you are out in the never never country of the great ocean after everyone has left you for dead… (not likely but it could happen!).

    Anyway, I had a slow easy style and could swim for days without getting tired… then one day, at the pool where I trained, and also helped instruct the Olympic Coach’s team in what they call ‘lung buster’ laps… doing a full lap of an Olympic size swimming pool in one single breath… the Coach said to me, “You know you are a good swimmer, but if you learned a few ‘proper’ things about swimming correctly you would be a great swimmer!” So over a few weeks he taught me all the ‘proper’ ways of swimming, all the fine little details that you have to remember when you’re swimming… the perfect way to cup your hands, the correct height your feet should be, the correct position for your head, how many dips and breaths you should make, when to breathe and how hard to breathe etc., so you swim faster, more powerfully  and more streamlined. Well he was a great teacher and he was right! I could swim faster, more powerfully and more streamlined, and if I was an Olympic swimmer, doing maybe 4 to 6 fast laps of a pool, I would have been pretty good. But you know what, I needed to do long distance swimming, but now, swimming ‘properly’ I struggled doing five or six laps… also where I once could do two lung buster laps in one breath with ease and still have loads of breath left over, now I could barely make one lap, because I was expending too much oxygen swimming ‘properly’… and the worst part was, I had completely lost the ability to go back to swimming simply and slowly and conserving all my energy and oxygen… I was now stuck in this ‘proper’ complicated way of swimming… so much so that after only a few of years, I no longer enjoyed swimming, and so today I rarely swim… that is legal talk and that’s what it does to us! People can’t swim anymore, because legal jibber jabber has made sure it is way to complicated and too hard and uses up way to much of our energy!

    So what do you think… do you think we should start a new World trend of bringing negotiations and agreements and business deal communications back to simplicity, so people no longer shoot themselves in the head out of exhaustion  and frustration just reading a ‘legal’ document!? Who knows, people might write about us in the history books as legends in our own lunchtime… the people who save the world from the ‘Jibber Jabber Monster’!

    Just some thoughts rattling around in my insane brain…!

    I hope you enjoyed it… and more so, I hope it encourages you and more of us to tell our legal and business professionals, “If you don’t write it in simple language, don’t expect me to read it, and don’t hold me accountable for it!”