• 19Feb

    I am perplexed!

    Not so long ago, the words ‘please‘ and ‘thank you‘ were common courtesies, even expected, if not compulsory, when asking for something or help from another person, or when receiving help, assistance, or a gift from another person.

    Like these examples:

    “May I have a cookie please.”

    “Yes sure, help yourself to a cookie.”



    “Could you make me a cup of coffee, please.”

    “Sure, my pleasure.”

    “Thank you”


    “Can I please use your toilet.”

    “Yes, feel free.”



    “Could you drop me off at the shops please?”

    “Sure, hope in.”

    “Thanks, I appreciate it.”

    I don’t know exactly when this happened or why, but it seems the word ‘please‘ is no longer part of the English language at least, not sure about other languages, and the phrase ‘thank you‘, is fading dramatically and seems to be facing it’s last use by date.

    Today’s younger generations, from about the early 1990’s hardly ever, if ever at all, say ‘please’ when asking for something, and when they do ask for something, it sounds more like an order to a servant rather than a request that the recipient is not actually obliged to fulfil. They ask for things as if it is their expected ‘right’.

    It seems to be going hand in hand with this new generation attitude of “I don’t have to earn respect, I was born with that privilege and you must respect me” and “I don’t have to earn my keep or my huge salary, it is my right!” Regardless of the millions of people who came before me, who worked hard and gained experience to warrant their healthy remuneration. It seems these new generations believe they are born with that right, and all they have to do is barely scrape through a college diploma or undergraduate degree, and they deserve, no they demand the same rate of pay and remuneration and respect that those before them spent years of effort, energy gaining knowledge and experience to justify their rewards.

    Okay, let me make myself clear here, it is definitely not every single person in the younger generations, in fact there are many young people with courteous, pleasant and appreciative attitudes, and good work ethics, but it is a generalising of their populations, with a reasonable majority who have the  ‘give me everything on a platter, but expect nothing from me, because everything is my birth right, but I do NOT have to earn any of it‘ attitude.

    I probably won’t be around to see it, but I worry these young generations will eventually be dealing with their own young generations, who by then will literally be demanding from them in a tone, attitude and manner more like the Masters of old would treat and speak to their lowly slaves. I guess they’ll be complaining about those young generations attitudes, not realising they created them, in the same manner that we are now complaining about our younger generations, not accepting that we allowed the proliferation of our younger generations poor disrespectful, ungrateful and unappreciative attitudes… yes that’s right, we are to blame!

    How do we change this… what is the solution. Because those that know me, know, for me it is about finding a solution, not dwelling on the problem.

    Well, I think the solution to this one is simple.

    Firstly, kick ‘political correctness’ down the toilet where it belongs, and then do what our parents, teachers and elders did.

    If the younger generations ask you for something, like “Can I have a cup of tea!”, or, a more often used version, “Make me a cup of tea too”, without a ‘please’ attached, just say, “Sorry… can I have a cup of tea, WHAT!?” And don’t oblige with the favour, until you get a “please”.

    Then when you do provide the favour, and you don’t get a ‘Thank you’, just stand there with an annoyed expression. I’m sure you’ll eventually get a similar response to what we would have given in our youth… “What?” Which is your open invitation to say… “A ‘Thank you’ would be nice!” Or, when after handing the favour, and not receiving a comment of gratitude or appreciation for your non-obligatory kindness, Say to them,  “What do you say!”.

    Of course , it may take a bit of educational coaching, because currently they will not know what you are referring to, never having practiced the courtesy before. So firstly introduce them to the terms you are seeking, whether it be a ‘please’ or a ‘thank you’, so they know what it is you are waiting for or expecting. After a few interactions, they will know the right button to push, just like they do when wanting an ‘app’ to instantly provide them with their desire on their personal non-surgically attached electronic communication and information devices.

    Sorry, I don’t have a solution for that particular dysfunctional mutation yet, but I’ll work on it. The main issue here is the dying art of ‘common courtesy‘.

    Anyway, persevere with it, and remember, they are only young and don’t actually know everything, like they think they do. So be a little patient, and I’m sure the message will soon get through, and the habit of common courtesy will eventually be reborn!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please keep in mind, this is just my opinion, and I deeply apologise if I have offended anyone in anyway, and may god strike me down on the spot right now if I have…

    Nope… still here!.. guess I haven’t really offended anyone too much then.

    Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work… the world really is a wonderful place, it’s just a pity it’s full of us humans!


  • 24Dec

    Okay, just to be clear, this does not apply to all ‘Brand’ products or services, but it does apply to a lot, even big brand products we naively trust.

    Some big brand products do endeavour to live up to their claims of quality and service, but not anywhere near as many as we think. Some of the lesser known brands actually deliver better quality and better customer service than some of the big brands, and some ‘no brand’ or ‘no name’ (generic) products are as equally good as the big brands, some are even better. Primarily this relates to, but is not limited to supermarket level everyday consumer products and lesser known brand or no-brand apparel lines. Many no-brand or no-name products are indeed inferior to some of the brand products, but expectedly so, simply because they are generally a lot cheaper… and this of course is because we are not paying the added cost of ‘the brand’ image.

    Some big brands, in fact far more than we might expect, are at the very best the same level of quality of their no-name competitors, and some are even inferior.

    When we pay premium prices for a ‘Brand’ product, especially a big national or global brand, presenting the image of ensuring us quality and customer care in all their marketing and advertising, we expect to get the quality promised that we pay for. However, too often, as was the case with a particular big brand handbag and accessory product I bought as a gift for my wife recently, not naming any names, it’s up to you if you want to Guess who, the premium price we pay for the luxury of the ‘brand’ and the anticipated product quality and subsequent customer care and service, is way below standard expectation and remarkably inferior to the cheaper lesser known brand or no-brand lines.

    I think it is about time these ‘Big Brand’ businesses and corporations, that charge, sometimes ridiculous premiums (high prices), just for having their brand image logo and name on the product, many of which are in fact made in the very same factories that the no-brand equivalents are made, with no emphasis on improved quality, start putting their money, products and services where their big loud mouths are, and actually deliver the quality they proclaim. Then back that up with a level of customer care indicative of the high price we pay for the “privilege” of walking around advertising their brand on the products we buy from them.

    Perhaps it is us, the consumer that needs to enforce this change, simply by not buying their over-priced inferior quality brand products anymore, until such time as they deliver, ‘as advertised and promised’. Because honestly, if you devote just a little bit of time in scrutinising and researching when buying a new product, you will discover two things when making proper educated comparisons… 1. You can get cheaper no-brand products that are at the very least equal in quality and performance to the brand product, if not better, and 2. You will find under proper scrutiny and checking that many of the ‘brand’ products are in fact no better in quality and performance, and in some cases inferior to, the no-brand equivilent.

    Do the research, put the product to the test before purchasing, and you will be surprised. Far too often we just assume it is going to be a good quality product, because the recognised brand power tells us so. If I’m paying premium price for a pair of sports shoes, a handbag, a lawn cutter, a box of chocolates, a free range chicken, a smart phone, a computer, a pair of shorts, a new car, or any product or service, I expect… no, I demand, that it lives up to the promise endorsed by the premium price I am paying, and is at the very least 30% better quality than the lesser, cheaper option… at the very least, but it should be much more based on the percentage of higher cost. Then if by chance the ‘brand’ product I buy at premium price does not live up to its promise, through some manufacturing fault of poor quality material or for whatever reason it fails. I expect… no, again, I demand, that the product company or business give me a level of customer care, consideration and service that ‘I’ consider satisfactory or above average at the least. If a company demonstrates to me they are only interested in their customer’s money and not the customers, then in my opinion, they do not deserve to be in business.

    No matter what, it is always a people business, and people should come first. Without customers, no business is in business… perhaps it might do these ‘Big Brand’ companies to remember that!

    We are the consumer… the power is in our hands!

  • 02Oct

    I’m sure most of us can think of at least one dumb idea that makes us wonder why on Earth someone even thought of it, let alone had it put into practice or action, such as ‘Daylight Saving’!

    What moron, with more time on their hands, than brain in their head, thought up the idea of having ‘Daylight Saving’… maybe their ambition was to create more confusion, frustration and chaos in the world, because they felt there wasn’t enough already!

    Who really cares if it’s still light at 9 pm, or day breaks at 5 am… it’s irrelevant to the turning world. But by shifting our 24 hour operating clock time by  just one hour, twice a year, is highly unproductive and disruptive.

    The human biological and memory clock can take up to 2 weeks to adjust to even such a small change, effecting n sleeping, waking and eating habits. So this can mean up to a whole month out of a year that is spent trying to readjust to a different physical and mental operating pattern, which can affect emotions and psychological dispositions.

    Then we can look at the percentage of missed productive practical working time, due to the percentage of people who either genuinely forget the time change and are, as a consequence, late for work, or use the time change as an excuse to intentionally be late for work. Either way, there is a reasonable measurable amount of productive time lost directly due to the reshuffle of Daylight Saving. And this is not mentioning the other little annoyances like having to reset all those devices that don’t have computer programing to do the resetting for you, or the amount of times people miss an episode of their favourite show or the news, because they either forgot the time change or their devices didn’t allow for the change.

    It’s already bad enough that the world is broken into time zones and when traveling around it or across it, you have to reset your body clock and your time piece etc. But then to complicate it further, for all concerned, by having a ‘non-universal’ Daylight Saving interfere with that… it’s just dumb and stupid beyond rational thinking.

    The world has operated, without hitch, since the dawn of humanity without the ‘Daylight Saving’ installation, so why do we need such a pointless and useless system now. Nothing physical has changed so dramatically in our world regarding the rotation of Earth or the orbital journey of Earth around the sun in the last million years that necessitates it… so the question has to beg ‘why’?

    So… this is an article with open comments, for you to tell me and others what dumb ideas frustrate and annoy you, and you feel we should or should not have, or should be ditched or changed to get reality back into the sensible pool.

    Let’s hear all the dumb ideas you can think of that make the world turn slower or backwards at not at all!

    Cheers and have a great day, or night… of course depending on whether you are, or are not in Daylight Savings, you may get this article an hour too early, or an hour too late.

    But it won’t matter, the world will still just turn, oblivious to our time, or any time, because as I’m sure you probably know, time is only relevant to the observer, and in the eternal universe, there is no time as we perceive it.

    I have to go now… I’ve run out of time… bye!




  • 26Jul

    There was a little project my friend James and I were working on about 12 years ago, working out a system to create the big screen 3D effect without the need for 3D aided eye-wear… well it seems some other peeps have been working on it recently and have put one together…

    It’s a pity cinemas don’t get that it’s all a bit ‘too little too late’ for them. They are in denial that cinema is all but dead, and if they have more than one brain cell they would have geared up the cinema experience year ago, offering way more than a single movie for an outrageous price.

    If they reduced their absolutely ludicrous prices to a point that encourages people to venture out, and give a value added experience with two features and a bunch of shorts or cartoons (like it used to be), snacks and food at supermarket prices with discounts and bonus offers for regular loyal customers etc., with other activities to amuse customer while waiting for the movie to go in, such as a running show about what’s happening in the movie world, who’s doing what, what’s doing who and what’s coming and going, as well as things like maybe revamped futuristic versions of the old fashioned computer games tables, then they could bounce back.
    But they won’t because they are driven by greed, not rational sense, and never get low price volume wins over high prices. Instead, their outrageous high prices and low value for money discourages customer loyalty and drives people to the comfort of their own homes to watch streaming TV and cheap movie downloads, where a whole family can watch a movie and nibble on snacks for a third the cost of one single movie ticket.
    So, good on the developers of the big screen glasses-free theatre experience, but it may just all be sadly too late… New Movie glasses-free 3D Cinema Movie Screen:


  • 09Jun

    I cam across this article in my search for something a little more intelligent…

    Unedited NASA footage of “moon landing” – You still don’t believe in a flat earth?

    I am so disturbed by people like this, I decided to post a comment under it….

    “You people need to stop this absolute malicious nonsense now, before your ignorant foolishness sends the world backwards hundreds of years to the dark ages where people could not make any progress or evolutionary advancements because they were trapped in the belief all things were controlled by angels, daemons and gods… a level of thinking that believed the way to cure someone of a simple virus induced fever was to exercise the daemons out of them, often in the process killing the afflicted person through their draconian practice, and then arrogantly claiming the daemon had been dispelled.

    Through hundreds and thousands of years, good, honest diligent people have struggled, endued ridicule, torment, torture and death to uncover the truth and realities of the world and universe in which we reside, to prove to an ignorant few who possess the staff of control that the Earth is NOT flat, and if you sail to it’s edge you will fall off into the terrifying world of daemons and fire… yes, that’s right, that is what was the belief.
    So would you have us all go back to that unintelligent, illogical and irrational thinking and have us all fearful of going to the edge of the world, so we never challenge the frontiers of space to find out what is really out there… because that is what your dangerous and idiotic unfounded proclamations may do if you continue this. This type of inane thinking of yours will set the human race back to a time when people were burned at the stack as witches for simply having a better knowledge of healing than most.

    You know nothing about the cosmos or the Earth or the real and genuine efforts of organizations who spend billions of dollars and labored hours working with some of the most intelligent and dedicated people in the world to help advance humanity through space exploration and exploration of our own Earth as well as what is beyond the fields of our current reach.

    All these conspiracy theorists and malicious debunkers of things like the the spherical Earth and the moon landing, which was a genuine expedition that took years of dedicated people to accomplish, need to be taken out and shaken into reality, so they, you, can find ways to creatively contribute toward the human condition and advancement of humanity, instead of trying to destroy everything that so many throughout history have worked so hard and perilously to achieve.

    If the Earth is flat, why then is every other planet and star we can see in our cosmos round! It is because that is the natural form in our cosmos and all matter we observe from the micro to the magnificent, tries to achieve that from ultimately.

    You might argue that Galaxies are often discs, but you are forgetting that the center of most galaxies is an orb and the mass of the galaxy, made of trillions of particles are all slowly spiraling in to coalesce with the central orb. In our perspective this takes a very long time, but in the eternity of the Universe, it is mere moments. Of course you would have to acknowledge and understand the concept of an eternal Universe to appreciate that, and I’m guessing thinking like yours does not allow it.

    Some even argue the concept of the Universe being eternal, and indeed maybe there is an alternate to the dimension of eternity, and that would be total non-existence. But my question there is, if the alternate non-existence is reality, then why do I exist?

    I imagine you have never been out to sea, I mean way out to sea where there is no land around for thousands of miles… you can actually see the curvature of the Earth. The round Earth is one of the very things that hinders seafaring navigators in plotting a straight course and forces them to use mathematical calculations to maintain the course they desire.

    Also I imagine all the people that have actually circumnavigated the Earth by sea, could tell you that the Earth is a sphere… I guess you’d just say they are disillusion or that they somehow doubled back on themselves and only think they arrived back in the same place they left from by circumnavigating the planet.

    You also need to go and learn a little about photography, art and filmmaking… the people of NASA and other space agencies around the world understand that people are inspired by artistry, and so just presenting a technical piece is not enough to inspire people.

    A shot of the Earth from a distance between the Earth and Moon for the first time, is an exceptionally important image for all the world. So setting it up to be just right is no different to any photographer setting up a shot of significance with a creative eye and artistry… and in case you didn’t know this, organizations like NASA do not just have technicians working on their programs and expeditions. They have designers, artist, photographers, psychologists, filmmakers and all manner of people to help not only develop programs and systems for space travel, deep space journey and ultimately off-Earth habitation, with all the physical, psychological and emotional situations, demands and stresses that will arise from such endeavors, but to also to consult and coach the courageous Astronauts on real living missions, who are mostly technically orientated and trained, to ensure that when significant things are uncovered or discovered, that they are ultimately presented in ways they hope will inspire and encourage people, and often that means setting up the shot with more than just a technical eye, but a creative artists eye.

    So the job of an Astronaut or Cosmonaut in doing this, can be quite demanding, having to listen to multiple instructions at one time, some for technical advice and instruction, some for creative or emotional advice and instruction… Astronauts and Cosmonauts are indeed heroes, but they are also human.

    You see, even though clearly you are not, People at NASA are intelligent enough to realize that factor about the human psyche, and honour that by doing the best they can to deliver our future through the eyes of the creative mind.

    I’m not saying NASA or any other organization like them is perfect. They are not, and they are the first to admit that, but within them are hundreds of genuine dedicated human beings trying to make a real difference to the human condition and the creative and constructive advancement of humanity, trying to genuinely help us reach for the stars and expand our knowledge of the cosmic universe.
    So why do people like you try to hinder them at every turn… are you determined to keep humanity from evolving? Do you want to ensure humanity remains ignorant and incapable… because unless I am wrong, you too are part of the humanity organizations like NASA are trying to help evolve.

    So please for the sake of our future, stop all these unfounded accusations and lies that dishonor the many people throughout history who have given their life and lives to the pursuit of human advancement and understanding… it is beyond ignorant, it is misleading, malicious, dangerous, cruel, impertinent and shameful.”

    So in fairness to the posting of the conspiracy theorists site, here are some sites that debunk the Flat Earth conspiracy and give sound evidence to the Earth as a Globe…

    Flat Earth Theory And Why It’s Not Real

    How We Know the Earth is Round / Flat Earthers DEBUNKED:

    Flat Earth Conspiracy 100% Debunked (Without Citing NASA) – CASE CLOSED

    Debunking “flat earth”